Sport and sporting facilities This article is developed by Boris Keranov and Nikola Vulchev

The sport in Kazanlak is not the most developed activities, but there are many great names in sport who comes from here like :

Liutvian Mollova - Olympic champion in javelin-throwing, Tokio 1968.

Maia Staneva - Biathlete, champion for 2006 year.

Plamen Stanev - The only one Cyclist who presents Bulgaria for road and track. In 2004 wins the championship for track in Portugalia.

Cvetanka Hristova - Bulgarian athlete in discus throwing. At the summer universiade in Zagreb 1987 she makes record - 67,96 m in discus throwing. She is european champion in 1982, and world champion in 1991 year.

Svetla Mitkova - She is competeing in discus throwing and shot put. At 1995 she wins bronze medal in Gioteborg, Sweden. Her personal record at shot put is 20,91m and at discus throwing 69,72m.
She is our trainer at discus throwing and shot put.
On this picture are we both with her at training. ....Here im with Svetla Mitkova at national chalenge in Sofia.

This is the entry of the stadium in Kazanlak town.

This is our class in front the stadium.

We like play different sports, like football, basketball, ski, surfing and whatever else entertainments.
The End.