This article is made by Diana Mihova

The Valley of Kazanlak, in-between Stara Planina and Sredna Gora mountains, situated in the region of Kazanlak, is famous for the unique Bulgarian oil-bearing rose.

The region is famous for the Rose Festival, traditionally held during the first weekend of June. This festival was first introduced as far back as 1903.
Today, Queen Rose is chosen among senior girls from the high schools in Kazanlak. Ensembles and amateur artists participate too; they march in procession presenting the entourage of the Thracian King Seuthes III. The parade walks the streets and the central town square of Kazanlak. It reveals scenes from Kazanlak's history, sketches starring characters created by the Bulgarian classic and humourist Chudomir and another symbol of Bulgarian literature, Bay Ganyo, who sells vials carrying the unique rose oil scent to the guests.
Queen Rose and the mayor of Kazanlak

The Bulgarian rose oil is one of the most expensive products in the world.A distillation product, extracted from the flowers of the oil-bearing rose (Rosa damascena). Tenderly cleanses the skin in depth, relieves and refreshes. It can also be added to teas,deserts and other.
Rose oil

The children and youths of Kazanlak – a symbol of youth and beauty - also march in procession during the festival, while (costumed men performing a traditional Bulgarian ritual to scare away evil spirits) mummers wish health and happiness to the guests. The Rose-harvesting and Rose-oil extracting rituals are performed in the rose gardens of the Rose Institute, as well as in the neighbouring villages.

The children and youths of Kazanlak

Folklore groups from Bulgaria and abroad participate in the Rose Festival. The international folklore festival “The Balkan Youth” is also part of the Rose Festival. About 250 dancers from Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, and Rumania usually come to perform.

Thousands of tourists from Bulgaria and abroad come to Kazanlak in order to see the Rose Festival.