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Madrid is the capital of Spain as well as an Autonomous region of Spain. It is located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula. It has and estimated population of almost 4 million.

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As the capital of Spain, Madrid is also the center of the political life of the Spanish country and the place in which the most important events take place.

The city has a cosmopolitan air and a great transportation network that makes getting around to any place easy and quick.

1. How to get to Madrid?

Madrid is a city located in the Community of Madrid, in the centre of Spain. You can either get to Madrid by road, plane or train. Madrid is linked to the Spanish road and railway network radial structure. Acces by plane is easy as it has its own airport, Madrid-Barajas, one of the five most important in Europe.

2. How to get around in Madrid?

Madrid has a great public transportation network.

Metro de Madrid is fast, efficient, modern and clean. And its network is easy to understand.

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Renfe has a short distance efficient railway network that can help you getting around Madrid but also conecting you with the neighbouring autonomous regions.

3. Where to stay?

The city of Madrid has a large quantity of high quality hotels (more than 50.000 hotel beds in the capital) which comply with all European quality standards. Accomodation offer is completed with tourist apartments, hostels, campsites and student residences.

4. What about the weather?

Madrid has a continental climate with temperatures that range from 0º Celsius or 32º F during the winter, to up to 40º Celsius or 104º F during the summer. The average annual temperature is 14ºC or 57.2ºF during the winter to 25ºC or 77ºF in the summer.

The amount of rain varies focusing on the autumm and springtime but you would not need an umbrella during the summer.

5. Currency

As Spain iexternal image euro1.jpgs one of the countries of the European Union, the euro is its currency.

6. Chronology of the city of Madrid